TIB Summerfest 2015

TIB Summerfest – collected 1400 euro for castrations in Timisoara Romania

In 29 August Tierhilfe International Bremen organised a big succesful event for collecting money for castrations in Timisoara. As a result of this and with the goodwill of so many goodharted people, TIB have now to offer us 1400 euro for the announced purpose.

So now we announce the launching of our new Spay Program in collaboration with the veterinarian offices that understood they have to fight with the animal protection organizations – shoulder by shoulder – to reduce the number of pets abandoned on the streets – so they prepared for us special prices.

In this program, priority will have females (dogs and cats), they will be castrated and the dogs will be microchipped, they will have health book and will be registered with the name of he owner in the Dogs with Owner Data Base.

Big thank you to the organizers of this event and we have the big hope to make it every year! Thank you too, to all the people who sustain our cause!

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21. September 2015