FELIX¬† was rescued from a building near where Mihaela lives when his owner died. and nobody wanted him. He continued to stay and sleep on front of his old home until Mihaela took him in her care. Felix is 9 years old and he is loving and good with us but he is very unstrustfull […]


Emily is 12 years old and she lived for many years in a gas station, being in winter cold or summer heat she was there. She is an old lady now and she deserve a more better life than this. Last winter, Mihaela took her in our care and now Emily is one of the […]


BLONDY: was rescued being a puppy (3 months old) from the streets of an village near Timisoara. She was so scared and aggressive to protect her self and this for sure because she was very traumatized and chased on the streets. Now she is from 5 years with us and in all this time she […]