About us

Our small pets organization have 3 members: Mihaela, Manuela and Mona. All our after job time is aimed to save and take care of abandoned dogs and cats and in the limits of our own space, we take out dogs from Danyflor (public shelter).
Usually we have between 60-80 dogs plus cats.
With the help of generous people, especially from abroad, we managed to save up hundreds of animals and to carry out several spay programs, our main priority.
As an association we function from the year 2004 (until recently under the name Asociatia Micaela).
We have to mention that we have no financial support from government or local budgets, everything we do is on our own efforts and through financial and material support of the people who support us.
MMPR respects the privacy of our donors, and only if they want in an express way, we make public the donations of any kind.
The most difficult part of our work is to find good and loving families for our protégés.
We work for many years, mainly with Tierhilfe International Bremen – german animal protection organization. Working with TIB has made it possible to find homes and loving families for hundreds of dogs and cats from  the streets of Timisoara and adjacent places.
We believe in the people’s support. We hope people to open their homes and hearts and to give a chance to a better life for dogs and cats harassed in Romania. We also hope that more loving animals people, and generous, will help us through their donations that we can continue our daily work  for helping animals in need and which are depending on us now, and more than that, to we can continue with the spay campaigns.We need your support! Dozens of dogs and cats for adoption rely on us. But you can see here and on our Facebook page: Mihaela and Manuela Pet Rescue.Priority number 1 is sterilizing the large number of dogs and cats, whether or not they possessed. Only in this way we can reduce the number of abandoned animals! Any help, however small, can change lives and destinies!

Mihaela, Dentist, 1st Chairwoman

Mihaela – Dentist – President of M&MPR

Manuela, Grafics Designer, 2nd Chairwoman

Manuela –  Graphics Designer – Vicepresident of M&MPR


Mona, Accountant, Responsible for the cats

Mona – Accountant – Cats Department at M&MPR